Can I stop contributing to my 401k?

Question: What happens if I stop contributing to my 401 k?

I am currently thinking of stopping my contributions to my 401k because I need the money for various reasons. How often can you make changes to your 401k yearly and what happens if I stop making contributions?


You should speak to the administrator of your play. Each plan varies, but most will allow you to start and stop 401k contributions as many times as you wish.

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  1. stan c says:

    As stated, as many times as you wish. But instead of stopping it, just cut the rate that you are taking out.It’s a forced savings that will benefit you later on.

  2. M W says:

    Each plan is different as to the number of times you can make changes. Check with the HR dept at work and ask them. It’s probably a question they get all the time.

    They stop taking money from your check, but whatever you already put in stays there and continues to earn interest.

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